Current projects


Research projects

At the Institute of Historical Musicology (IHM) various fields of research are taken under special consideration, inter alia opera and music theatre, gender studies, popular music, cultural studies and an exploration of approaches between theoretical and practical music.

Guest lectures

In guest lectures that take place on a weekly basis internationally renouned musicologists are invited to the University of Music and Dance Cologne to present their research.


Regional music history

Regional music history is the main field of research of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für rheinische Musikgeschichte (AGRM), located at the IHM. The book series „Beiträge zur rheinischen Musikgeschichte“, the score series „Denkmäler rheinischer Musik“ and the journal „Mitteilungen der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für rheinische Musikgeschichte“ are among its publications.

International cooperation

The IHM cooperates with various universities in Europe and the United States. More than twenty PhD candidates are currently based at the Institute of Historical Musicology. They come from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Poland, Greece, Japan and the United States. The candidates have the possibility to present and discuss their research in a special colloquium that takes place on a weekly basis and in conferences.

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